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    FrpWorld.Com :: View topic - Chaos Theory
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    Author Message
    Forum Yöneticisi

    Joined: Oct 04, 2007
    Posts: 2670
    Location: Innsmouth

    PostPosted: Sat Nov 20, 2010 6:53 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

    Tell your children not to walk my way
    Tell your children not to hear my words,
    What they mean, what they say

    Can you keep them in the dark for a while
    Can you hide them from the waiting world
    Ooh, mother...

    Gonna take your daughter out tonight
    Gonna show her my world
    Oh, FATHER!..

    "Why the hell do you even listen to this old crap?" Tyler said with annoyed voice.
    'Typical', Edward thought. 'He always does this. Always finds a way to look down on me'. "Don't fucking patronize me! You like this song."
    "I used to like it when I was little."
    "You liked it when you didn't know what it meant. You're afraid that you might relate to this song. That we're not those children anymore."
    "Here we go again with the Freud crap."
    "Oh, shut up you illiterate monkey."
    "Hey, that's not a way to talk to your big brother!" he punched Edward's shoulder. Edward lost the grip on the wheel for a second and almost drove the car out of the road.
    "Pfft, whatever. I'm changing the tape."
    Edward grunted in frustration. Tyler put B side of the latest Blur tape into the casette player.
    "And you said I was listening crap."
    "Dude, it's Blur. It's OK."
    "The only good Blur song is Song 2."
    Tyler shrugged. "We're listening it anyway."
    "Let's compromise."
    "I'm listening."
    "Put on Jane's Addiction."
    "Faith No More."
    "Living Colour."
    "L7? Seriously?"
    "Yeah, man. They're cool. I'd give anything for the drummer. Sexiest chicks alive. You seen that little TV concert they had few years back, where solist dropped her pants and she wasn't even wearing any underwear?"
    "Oh my God!" said Edward, trying to sound interested. Then he switched back to the annoyed voice "My brother is a moron... OK, Led Zeppelin."
    "OK," said Tyler. "Guess it's the only common ground. Hey, by the way. Where do we keep weed?"
    "I'll pick some up later, I don't want you to know where I stashed it. You smoke it all up like a Goddamn pig."

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    Forum Yöneticisi

    Joined: Oct 04, 2007
    Posts: 2670
    Location: Innsmouth

    PostPosted: Tue Nov 23, 2010 7:52 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

    Now Tyler was driving and Edward decided to move to the back seats. They put on radio after listening all songs of Led Zeppelin they had, twice. Some random crap was on radio, they didn't mind. Then Rage Against The Machine played. Series of random crap followed. Mostly hippie shit.
    "Let's play a game." Tyler said.
    "What game?"
    "Umm, well...everytime we see a dog we'll say ZING!"
    "Oh, I didn't knew you could spell."
    "Fuck you."
    "Well, my genius brother." said Edward. "Currently, we're in the middle of a god forsaken land where there are nothing but thousand miles of nothing followed by nothingness and deep void of, yes, you know it, nothing. What dog are you talking about, there is nothing, literally, nothing as far as eye goes, not even a road sign. Hell, I don't even know if there is a road anymore."
    "Oh, right... Hey, I know! What if..."
    "Just shut up. I'm gonna sleep."

    He woke up, but kept his eyes closed. Sleeping morning, in a melting car. Still tired. "Rise 'n' shine, luv." Edward heard, no, actually felt the breath of the person whose speaking. And it was horrible. Someone with a horrible breath and British accent was really close to his face, and quite frankly, Edward didn't know which was worse. He opened his eyes instantly and encountered an ugly Britishman, at the age of 20. Edward screamed and pushed himself backwards, as far as he can.
    "Cheers mate!" he said.
    "Who-the-fuck are you? What the hell is going on? Get out of my face you freak!"
    "Are ye all right?" said the Britishman.
    Edward heard Tylers voice, he sounded really calm "Told ya he'd do this. He was always like this, stupid cow."
    "What the fuck, Tyler. Who is this asshole?"
    "Oi, mate." said Britishman. "Watch your mouth, ey?"
    "Shut your trapper, no ones talking to you. Who is this Tyler?" Edward was furious.
    "Chill, Eddie-boy! I met this guy in a bar, eh? He's cool. I found a little town here and stopped to have some beer. Met 'im in there. He's a traveler. Like us! I said he can tag along. More the marrier, eh lil' brother?"
    "And, how do you know he's not gonna slit our throats and steal our car, Tyler?"
    "He said I'm cool, right mate?" he looked at Tyler for confirmation.
    "Right." said Tyler, unsuccesfully impersonating British accent.
    Edward sighed deeply.
    "Since all is sort'd out, names Don. Fancy weed?"
    "Yeah," said Edward "Sure, wrap it up."
    They rolled the windows up while Don rolled the weed up. Soon they barely see anything in the smoke.
    Tyler turned on Edward. He wasn't looking at the road. "By the way, I saw three dogs in that town. I'm winning!"

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